webflow design rating

International rating of studios and agencies engaged in development ofwebsites on Webflow

what’s that

this rating helps you find a reliable contractor to help you to achieve your goals taking into account various factors: price, level of skill, technical complexity of your project, and executor team size.

studios, agencies and freelancers can demonstrate their level of work and get new clients through this rating system.

how it works

We use a formula to calculate your place in the rating. You simply have to show the best results in each of the formula’s criteria to be at the very top.

the formula

The rating is updated once per quarter. You can add new completed projects at any time but they will be taken into account only the next time the rating is updated.

The rating is automatically calculated using this formula based on the following data:

rating formula

about quality and complexity


The quality and the complexity are evaluated by the jury on a 10-point scale.

  • the complexity of development shows the overall technical skill level accumulated by the team. even one technically complex project can have a big impact on this criteria.
  • the quality of the design shows how well the task was completed through various design solutions and the overall execution of the project. The evaluation will be influenced by parameters such as design (visual appearance), applicability, and storytelling.

The rating is based on the principle
"you are as good as your last projects"

weight of criteria

projects from the last quarter have more weight than any other before that. This allows new companies with high quality work to make their shot. And at the same time, any inactive companies who haven’t completed any new projects recently will lose their position in the rating.

for example:
  • Small number of high quality cases = many average quality cases. All projects incurrent quarter have a higher value than any projects from previous quarters  
  • Number of projects - be it numerous published landing pages or just one big project - doesn’t matter
  • Quality is more important than technical complexity
  • Technical complexity is more important than average cost
  • High average cost + average rating = low average cost + high rating  
Projects from the last quarter


All projects are evaluated by UNKNW – the independent studio of experts from different fields and backgrounds

judging principles

The rating methodology for all studios, agencies and freelancers is the same, and it is performed by the same group of experts in order to preserve common opinions and principles of evaluation.

Neither UNKNW Studios nor its partners are involved in this rating so that all projects are unbiased.

In the future, the evaluation of projects and studios will be passed on to the community, where each registered user will be able to evaluate projects of other studios. Exact timeline can be tracked in our roadmap below.

how to participate?

register and add your projects

The initial collection of applications to participate in the ranking is currently underway. Send in your applications for participation.

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